Wednesday, December 31, 2014

 ~ A time needed for deep reflection as you seek resolutions of the Heart and Soul. Grab 2014 by the scruff of the neck and turn it right round. Take a long, hard look. This New Year’s Eve has the raw power of the cosmic “Good and Bad Boys.”  They support your resolutions and have your back. They are watching to insure that you lay to rest those 365 days of 2014. You have the power needed to make 2015 what you want it to be. You will be able to carry through easily if you have good intentions. The Operative word is ‘Good’.

Draw back for a few quiet moments – reflect on the year. It’s a time for resolve. Attempt to make some ‘Sense or Summary’ of the past twelve, diverse months; tie them up in a bow. Tout Finis. More than a few of you will want to throw the whole lot out the cosmic window or toss them back into Dante’s Inferno.

In spite of all that transpired, you’re excited about the promise for a brighter future.  Opportunities are opening up! Appearing right before your own eyes. Either way, most of you have gone to Hell and Back. Like the Phoenix, you are ready to rise from the ashes of Twenty Fourteen. Today, you will be cool, calm and composed. You are ready to release your death grip on everything that Needs to Go. Let go of the rope that has been holding you back. Last year showed you “coming attractions” of Health & Happiness. Reach for this “brass ring” and grab it. You know what your Heart wants. Some fragments were like dreams come true. Like a Paradox, it has been a long, hard road – Filled with promises of Life in the Magic Kingdom somewhere over the Rainbow.

In retrospect, we see that “relationships which operated on a one-sided approach’  simply did not work. Like a bookkeeper or bean counter, you now understand that words like “return on investment (ROI) and bottom line” apply to all interactions you have with the people closest to you. Affairs of the heart have a currency of their own.

‘Relationship Economics 101’ or should I say 2014 tells us to take an inventory of our relationships. Ask yourself Who has invested in your happiness? Prioritize & De-prioritize your time, and energy commitment. Invest in those who invest in you. Interest is paid and compounded daily.

Libra, the ‘Guardian of Relating,’ insisted that you weigh in about equality. Give n Take dominates the Inter-Relationship Freeway.  Ooops, whatever made any of us think that the ride was free. A manned toll booth is located at either end of the road. With outstretched arms, the sentinels in the booths collect their respective tariffs.

The Balance Sheet reconciling continues into 2015. Your return on investment (ROI) can be pretty substantial but only if you are willing to ‘Give N Take’.

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