~ Today starts the second phase of the lunar cycle, aka gibbous phase. After surviving the crisis of the first phase and after careful analysis, we can now try to interpret *the answers.* The Aries Moon rushes in at 1:35 AM – however, slow down and avoid impulsive, hair-trigger decisions. Make your plan.  A well thought out plan looks at all the costs involved. You may want to spend more than you have but that is not the way the cosmic forces work. Know what you’ve got to give and adjust yourself accordingly. After all, you have to make it to the finish line without the EMT’s holding you up. Things you are doing today will *pan out* sooner or later. In Aries, you are always blazing new trails.

If you are feeling out of sync, moody and/or irritable; you can thank the Aries Moon for challenging the Capricorn Sun right off the bat. Now you can simply just get irritated at the brash actions, rude behavior, events or circumstances or you can find the answers by cooperating and collaborating with the people in your life.  Minor problems (and yes, all problems are minor, unless of course you don’t address them) are a result of not bothering to find a solution. In the land of, or should I say wide open sky of, the squares and the oppositions are not personal challenges meant to be avoided. Use a common sense approach to find solutions. They serve as system warning lights which alert you to take care of the maintenance and servicing needs of your vehicle. If your brakes are wearing out, a special light will come on. If you do not get your brakes fixed, uh oh. Pay attention to the advanced notice, gas gauge indicator as well. The newer cars give warning that you are 50 miles to empty. And……it will continue to advise you every ten miles that you are dangerously closer to empty.

Word to the wise……..if a warning light comes on anywhere in your life, don’t ignore it. Use the dynamic planetary interaction to make course corrections. As night falls, a chance meeting; a happenstance may occur. The possibilities are endless. Embrace the New. Expect the Unexpected.

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