Saturday, December 27,  2014

~ If you are looking to make a connection, *Head and Heart* go hand-in-hand. The young and the aged, the new and the old, the past and the present. You can break those barriers and forge new neuron paths between friends and foes alike. This favors connecting with loved ones. However in business and with other not-so-friendly folks, this aspect does not hurt. It softens the edges and allows for a subtle flow of conversation. Agendas should stay light hearted; put the somber to sleep thus allowing your heart to be happy. Give yourself a Spa Day which is your own specially designed day of self-pampering. In need of R & R, kick back and luxuriate. Plan to have some fun today. Ease off on any after the holiday shopping trips: this is not the best time to make those impulse purchases.  That six foot, lime green, ceramic giraffe will lose its appeal and you’ll be wondering what the heck you were thinking. Simply put – you won’t be thinking…at least not clearly. What you think is a great find today could end up, in all likelihood, occupying real estate in the back of a storage closet with the price tag still on it or will be on sale at your next garage sale. But do get out and socialize. Indulge in your brand of Love. The things you think about, long for and reach for today, will tell you a little something about yourself. Try to ground yourself as we are still riding on *Jupiter’s Magic Carpet* and the influence of the Neptune Moon can take you on flights of fantasy. Oh! ………..That Jupiter can have us over the moon one minute and under the weather the next.

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