Friday, December 26 2014

~ You will want to “get away from it all,” OR “rise above it all.” So choose your *escape vehicle* with care. You’ll soak in energy like a sponge, so be careful – draw in the positives & filter out the negatives. The ability to keep your emotions on the inside may be a strategy that turns out to be most successful. Joint finances, those resources you share with others, could be a topic of concern. Take a look around, try to connect the dots. Karma with Capital K is operating under the influence. You might be surprised about the connections you draw from the past, the present or the future. If you are trying to make some sense out your reality – forget it. You’ll be lost or you might even find something that you thought was lost, forgotten or misplaced. Clarity of thought, word or action is elusive. It just might be difficult to put your finger on it….

Vivid imagination and divinely inspired creativity is the way to go. Watch out; “popping the cork and throwing a pity party” is an easy fall-back position. Invite the Pink Goddess in, embrace her romantic and daydream-like qualities. Pisces loves the Nostalgic, everything looks great in a “pink” light. Enjoy it while it lasts. Magic fills the air and you are believing it. Know that the past is done, your spirit is lighter and all depression has lifted. You are inspired with a new sense of self. A brand new you. You are feeling that love…… Look at how far you have come. Embrace the love that brought you through, it is the air you breathe. Its the smile on your lips in your darkest hours.

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