Thursday, December 25, 2014

~ Deep insight and Passion fills the Air. This is a “Borrow it from the future” aspect. Dharma; the principle of cosmic order. Sometimes the universe has to have her way to right a few wrongs. Its like “paying it forward.” It is all about your attitude today. Do you have the air you need to breath? If this was the last day that God Made, is your heart filled with Love?

All the world rejoices because a king was born today. Its about the faith, and the belief, and the hope for a season that brings a brighter, more fulfilling future. After spending the day with the sun basking in the optimism and generosity of Sagittarius, Saturn takes the controls and brings your celebration and hopes into reality. it is on this day we root these traditions in Capricorn: on the 25th day of December. As the days begin to get lighter, we find comfort in our Time-Honored traditions. Faith-based Love and Trust.

Santa comes bearing gifts. Let your heart be filled with love; let go of the rest. Merry Christmas.

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