~ Once Upon a Christmas away in Bethlehem, so the story is told, “All the world rejoiced because the king was sent at last…  Today heralds New Info the self same proclamation meant to carry us forward with new light and vision.  A Game Changer, a bright new shining light. If the news did not arrive yesterday – look today for the postmaster. He has a First Class Mail Delivery for you. A Higher Truth. So Look beyond the Messenger. Ut Oh if you haven’t got a grip on what it could be, I’d advise that you do some serious prepping. Don’t have your self so tightly tied to a schedule and be ready to grab your anchor to stabilize your moorings as you head out in another direction. The words can be blowing pretty fast and things can get you twisting and turning every which way. Situations shift and all of a sudden…. Change is the Soup d’jour. Now this can be a pleasant surprises just a easy as it is a not so pleasant one. However, It should be clear and concise with so many planets in Capricorn piling up. You might have to make some things happen. So Get down to business and I don’t mean busy ness. 2015 is blowing in and if you are ever going to make stuff happen, do it now the effects will be long lasting. Capricorn is the sign of future gains (as well as losses) what he establishes sticks. Where ever Capricorn is, things get set.

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