23 dec


~ The day slows down a bit with the long void moon. It gives us time to make the adjustments required as Saturn takes one Giant Step into the sign of Sagittarius. She draws back her bow and has her sights set on new adventures in true ‘Fiery Sag’ style. In the optimistic and outgoing domain of *the straight forward,* the goal is freedom of the higher mind. A time to solidify your true beliefs. This will be a time of cutting karmic ties from now, December 23, until June 15, 2015. Consider this Phase One. Get Ready to stand for what you believe in. Walk Your Talk.

Jupiter rules the Archer. Saturn now gets to, put your belief system in tip top functioning order. Any Shoddy or Questionable framework is up for review. Abstract ideas, thoughts and concepts are his forte. Put on your thinking cap and allow yourself to See Things Differently OR you can just take your old thoughts and ideas and rearrange your prejudices so your viewpoint has a slightly different twist. Nothing much changes, they simply are hypocrisies packaged differently. The results are not brand new insights at all. FYI The last time he visited here was between 1985 and 1988. How did your view of the world change then?

Enlightened new perspectives are like puzzle pieces that will suddenly fit. Voila, you have the big picture. WOW. Saturn wants to lay some solid foundation and that is exactly what he will be doing over the next two and a half years. If you don’t know what you think or believe in, you best get your ‘Rhodes Scholar On’ and take the crash course. Get ahead of the learning curve. Key Action Items include ~ the promotion of understanding and peace across all barriers. ~

Now, if you are not doing that, expect a visit from Saturn and he will be collecting a hefty tariff. Yes …………… yourself. Change your faulty thinking. Saturn will be pushing you to the edge, flooding the rivers and testing you to determine just how much water your *beliefs damn* can hold.

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