~ The lineup is ‘Pure Power’ today and it packs the punch of a mini nuclear bomb at your finger tips. Simple Rules Apply: Keep your heart in the right place at all times. DO NOT split the atom. Gather all your favorite things and Hold the image of Every tender moment in your heart.

Safe, secure and established in the sign of Capricorn, we are still feeling pumped from yesterday’s whole new beginning. You were enlightened. It is decision time! You must choose, commit and get organized. Start working on your plans! Set your goals in motion! “Functionally, people are like bicycles, they only maintain their balance as long as they are moving toward something.”

Today, we say goodbye to Saturn in Scorpio. No excuses ………just get the job done. Saturn is all about ‘Letting Go’ of what is no longer essential and ‘Nailing Down’ the things of lasting value. The Goddess of Emoting, even though she is all business in Capricorn, is wearing a soft pink flowing robe and her heart is softened and glowing. She feels compassion and understanding for all. Ready for the Business of Love. You’re walking, or should I say floating, on the nostalgic or romantic side of the street today. You are thawing out and no longer feel frozen in the past. Fiery Sagittarius prepares to take the wheel and everything is already starting to warm up ……and lighten up.

An early Christmas Gift might come your way (wink wink). It may not come wrapped in a package but something you have been wishing for happens in a most unusual way. Something throws you off your schedule; breaks your stride or perhaps it is simply you who decides to take a break from the hum drum, bah humbug, cloud cover. You climb on Jupiter’s oversized, rich, woven, magic tapestry. Enchanted you take a Ride, Rise above and gain a whole new brighter perspective.

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