~ Trending today is a super-charged Winter Solstice at 6:03 PM. The Solstice is about finding your way back to your heart center; that invincible Summer Love and Fiery Passion within. It is marked by a couple of major celestial events. First ………Uranus Wakes Up. He’s Baaaaaack. He finished his Retrograde Phase!  Now, keep in mind, it’s a Capricorn NEW MOON – Feels like …..a New Years Eve. So be prepared to make those resolutions. You have the Jet Fuel of Pluto to get them off the ground. Now, if you have been busy for the last couple of months planting seeds and laying down the groundwork, you’ll kick off 2015 with Vim and Vigor. If not, you are searching for a new plan. It is a time of Beginnings and a time of Endings. Projects, Relationships and Business deals are rewarded with success or meet with failure. Take the first six months to make the continuous adjustments necessary and you will be prepared for Saturn’s short return to Scorpio in June.

As the year 2014 draws to an end – I think most of us would agree that Enough is Enough – Put a Fork in it … It’s done. Overdone roast beef; it is tough, like shoe leather and we’ve been chewing on this stuff so long that it’s making all of us sick. That said, keep in mind, as you pull up your bootstraps, that its all been for Your Ultimate Good. The Universe works in some ‘Not So’ understandable ways. If your head is still spinning and you wonder what the heck hit you and why  …….simply; you were going in the wrong direction. Now, if you have been doing your Saturn right along, faced your fears and looked your demons square in the eye; then you will have good karma on your side. Recovery will be speedy and you’ll regain your equilibrium. Your heart center will open and Cosmic Order unfolds; showing you the path.

On this shortest day of 2014, Pluto & Venus linger; bringing intense feelings of love to carry you through. The road may be dark. Walk through the portal: there is a whole new world opening for you and it is just beginning. Love is renewed and reinforced.  Over the last five months, some doors have closed but many more will open in the next six months. The Universe is showing you the way. Set your intentions unencumbered by past pains: your potential is only limited by the icky stuff trapped in your gray matter.

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