20 dec


~ Hey! Did anybody on the East Coast get any sleep last night? Saturn was up late, finishing up his two and a half year stay in Scorpio and preparing to move into Sagittarius on the 23rd. Now, before he goes on his new adventures, he has some homework to do. Take some time to reflect while Mars and Saturn get together for the final send-off; you’ll have plenty of energy for that final Purge Plus the commitment to ‘Carry On Unencumbered.’ The two come hand-in-hand. After all, that is “Old Father Time’s Purpose!” Saturn takes his sweet time.  He travels around the zodiac; purging and setting into place new structures to support the new and improved you. The purging and foundation building doesn’t stop now, they just change subject matter ….and in Scorpio, the subject are the subjects we keep behind closed doors. The content not suitable for all audiences as it my include sex, death, complicated family breakdowns, marriage infidelities, secret affairs, or graphic images. Disturbing subject matters also include drug and alcohol use and abuse, all addictions, violence, racism, manipulation, jealousy, revenge, exploited uses of power, taboo religious matters, or other controversial social issues…are all Scorpio’s domain.

In Scorpio, Saturn has been in your attic, plodding through all “your gray matter.” Yep, you have been hanging around in those dark places with dimly lit crevices: digging ….. digging out ‘all the old stuff’ you can get your hands on. The things that go bump in the night and make your skin crawl: you never know what you’ll find ‘hidden in your mental attic.’ Some of that stuff is buried deep in the recesses of your brain and covered with cob webs….really now. So there you go – One last time you are trying it on for size….but it wasn’t good then and its not good now ………. so just toss it. Most of it wasn’t worth anything in the first place ……..but you held on ‘just in case.’ Well, you are going to need that ‘living space’ now, that is; if you want to evolve.  Get rid of it. Saturn is renovating the attic, blowing new insulation between the rafters and resurfacing the room with a new layer of dry wall.  Next will be a new coat of paint and then install solid floorboards. Eventually, your new place will be ‘the creative sanctuary’ that it was meant to be. You’ll be able to go there and draw on the valuable stored resources but first you must back up a dumpster and clear your psychological debris field. You’ll get a final couple of months between June 2015 and September 2015 to administer the finishing touches and hang a few pictures. For now, say good-bye to the Junk in your Attic. Lighten your Load for a brighter future.

On the 23, Saturn breaks into Sagittarius to do his thing there. Not too much changes, it is here that you now have some clear space in your gray matter: he wants you to solidify your belief systems. Serious thought and study. Your philosophy, your beliefs, your religion. Some of you will go back to school. Some of you will teach. Be prepared to Walk Your Talk. Be prepared to match your lifestyle to your beliefs and your beliefs to your lifestyle. Wave good-bye to hypocrisy.

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