blessed is the season


 ~ Time to get your motor going. We all have some type of holiday plans, and yes …….the “holidays,” (however you define them).  I believe we all have the right to celebrate whatever ‘December Occasion’ we wish and to deck our halls in honor of whoever or whatever you choose. It could be a Jolly Santa’s Christmas, a Blessed Mary’s Boy-Child birth, Hanukkah, the Solstice, or my Birthday. Wishing everyone good tidings should be able to universally cross all ‘Blood Brain Barriers.’ Say it in any language, the message is the same…. and while you are at it – Say Good Bye to the Past and embrace the New Year. Let the season be filled with the Magic of Love for all as it should be. Look beyond or below the surface as the emotional Moon is rolling in the deep dark waters of Scorpio for a couple of days and Pluto is all rooted in traditional Capricorn. Know in your heart that at its root foundation, the playing field is level for everyone.

Get your team together, finish up the tasks on the table, wrap the gifts: then pause ….and get in touch with your deepest desires. The Winter Solstice is approaching and the deepest darkest and longest nights of the years are here. Encouraged by the cosmic energy. It is a perfect night for a Psychic Healing. Make changes to your spiritual, mental, and physical diet. You know; the ones necessary to maintain health in all the realms.  Moon in Scorpio flowing unobstructed to Chiron in Pisces is providing you with a holiday-size dose of cosmic penicillin. Taking care of yourself as well as others is one of your duties. Being in, and maintaining the best physical, and mental health requires constant monitoring and adjusting. Focus, not only on diet, fitness and hygiene, but include here your ability to cope in the face of adversity. Look within, and Observe. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference.


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