~ The atmosphere remains fairly calm for another couple of days. (Fairly calm being a relative term). The long void today helps provide a peaceful backdrop for the beginning of Hanukkah. As many begin this reflective eight day celebration of the Festival of Lights marking the Jewish people’s struggle for religious freedom, the cosmic alignment brings Light and Love, Heart and Head onto the same page. Call it a clan, call it a tribe, call it a family – whatever you call it – you need one, and its a time for connecting with the spirit within and with the “tribes” you call your own. ‘Tis the season that is all about You and Yours; The Loved Ones.

The Moon is in Scorpio and makes a strong sextile to Mercury in Capricorn giving this day its flavor.  The depth, breath and seriousness of making those connections is a focal point today as strong feelings begin to surface. You can be sure that conversations will be meaningful and heartfelt with the Goddess of Love heading into a meeting with Pluto. Take some time, before the aspect is exact on Saturday the 20th at 4:08 PM, and ‘go over’ your beliefs about love. Sadge is shining his light, encouraging you to re-evaluate, re-connect and re-affirm your philosophy, your belief system, the Religion upon which you live and build your life. As Venus nears Pluto, its a good time to ‘over haul’ – pack it up and ship it out, Fed Ex!  Over the next few days, transform any feelings you harbor about being unlovable, undeserving, and insecure. Detox from feeling guilt, jealousy and possessiveness. Do an eight day “Belief System Detox.”

All in all, its smooth sailing as the Moon and Neptune enhances your daydreams and softens any harshness. You start to feel the wonderful, magical power of joining together in partnership and as a family. A diverse yet cohesive unit bonding together for greater purpose. Make your plans today. You’ve got your head and heart working in unison. You’ll be sure of what you want. Internal conflicts will be at a minimum and your thinking will be deep but clear. You’ll want to take action and are ready “To DO.” Business connections also enjoy the same energy, so go over your work and present that proposal.

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