~Collectively, we are reaching the critical mass point known as “The Tipping Point.” We can see it all over the news and evident in many current events.  We can also see it in our friends’ and neighbors’ lives. However, can you see it in your own backyard? Looking everywhere else, we keep ourselves busy, entertained, or both.

We do this while simultaneously employing Mercury, that wonderful trickster who loves to analyze and dissect. He keeps you up at night and gives you impossible riddles to solve. Makes you anxious, yet you still graciously welcome him into your mind “to do his thing.” Now, nothing cures anxiety faster than action, but you’ll have none of that. Mercury is all talk, chatter and no action. We would rather be entertained by the Winged Messenger, the marionette puppet master, who unleashes the drunken monkeys that keep us ‘Twisting and Turning’ on automatic pilot.

Mix-ups or domestic problems have your thought processes in overdrive. “Thinking” and applying the whole adage “that problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which they were created” certainly fits here. Yet, you insist on adding more and more Mercury. If you want to solve a problem this week, step back and look at the whole picture. Use the right brain: put the left brain to sleep. Its got you on your last nerve anyway and getting you nowhere fast. Mercury has difficulty “seeing” the forest for the trees.  He sees one thing and picks it apart, shreds it.  He groups it with ‘like things’ under a microscope and loses all sense of reality and perspective. ‘Apples to Apples’ and ‘Oranges to Oranges’ is technically correct in making comparisons.  However, life, love and the planets can’t be truly seen by separating the pieces because you are then isolating and separating their meaning. Its as if you sit with a bowl of vegetable soup before you. There you go, picking out the parsley specs, and then you pick apart every separate element “on the plate before you”. You miss the big picture. You pile the peas over there and the bits of tomatoes here.  You try to group each vegetable and wonder why its even in there, or why the chef used it. Its a bowl of soup and “its YOURS”. It would not taste the same if any single ingredient was removed.  I know I don’t like lima beans at all, however in delicious soup on a cold northeast winter day — I love each spoonful of soup, lima beans and all. Oh …………..and remember ………its the season of Sagittarius so never leave home without your faith, your hope and your very own pixie dust in your pocket.

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