~ This is a powerful day and if you haven’t already *Answered the Call* to transform your life then you have until Spring to voluntarily jump onboard. Do a clean sweep from the inside out. You need a mental, physical and spiritual cleansing. Create a lifestyle that showcases your talents. Let it reflect who you are at your soul level. Reputation is what others think of you while character and integrity is who you truly are.

The Dynamic Duo of Pluto and Uranus is charging through and burning up the charts. These two have been doing “their thing” for a while. Those of you who have made the changes might experience a few growing pains but you are probably looking back less now and the excitement for a fresh and brighter future is electrifying.

Come Spring, when these two separate from each other for the last time, it will be a grand time for celebration. I see there are ‘Bon Voyage’ party invitations on my desk already. Anyway, these two pack the surgical force of a customized Full Metal Jacket. Designed “not” to kill, but to injure with the smallest possible wound channel. On impact, it shoots straight through but it does not explode on impact. You are shot with a bullet and you have no idea where it came from or why the sniper is gunning for you. You are now entering another critical phase. Your heart is racing; too afraid to move; too afraid to stay still. Time to get onboard or you will be forced to do so by the Universe. Uranus = waking you up while Pluto = transforming your life. These two behemoths facing Square represents your decision to change the future. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this equation,  you “do the math.” These revolutionary change agents have been getting together from 2012 to 2015. They will hook up seven times in total; making “exact” squares. The tension never goes away.  Its been waxing and waning since early 2012. When exact or nearing, the tension is dramatic. Uranus wants you to break free from ‘The Chains That Bind.’ What is holding you from being your authentic self?

You have the diplomatic Libra-Moon all day helping you weigh and reconcile exactly what you want, whats fair, what is just and most of all, the end result: “what you want in your heart.” The Key to Happiness is not getting the things you want, its accepting the consequences of having the things you want. You and everyone else will be wanting to avoid direct confrontation, especially now with so much Uranus and Pluto pressing on each other. Libra favors good endings when you join forces with others. Teamwork is Libra’s forte. She favors relationship and partnership activities when they involve teamwork, cooperation or self-examination and result in harmony for the good of the group.



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