14 DEC


 ~ You are starting off the day on an early morning, slightly discordant note. Perhaps a touch of malaise or madness. Mid-morning, the Sun and Jupiter twist harmoniously and give the day an ‘easy does it’ feel. Now this, in no way, guarantees a pleasant day.  However ………..even in chaotic conditions, you can sail smoothly from time to time. Jupiter will brighten your day and offers the proverbial silver lining. So look for it: it is right there if you pay close attention.

Yep, solace can be found, in spite of the madness and mayhem of the body, mind and spirit which is spinning in one direction one moment and then another in the next.  Today is one of those days where, although things are not good, you know they could be a whole lot worse. “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

You’re getting the job done – you are getting through it all – and at times, it feels like you’ve got it together.  On the heels of the Pluto-Uranus Square, the day can manifest somewhat like that on the eve of a full moon. Feeling the pressure building *of the second to last Pluto-Uranus Square* smack, you can hear the thunderous roar of the waterfalls as you draw nearer. And then it starts…. that inner script. Just like in a tape loop, you replay over and over in your head, word for word just as if your voice was recorded on a section of magnetic tape. Now, today is the day to examine *that inner script * which you play continuously in your head like the pop chart hit on the local AM radio station. If you don’t like what it is saying: then do a re-write. It is about time that you change that noise in your head; its become as annoying as the scratch on an old vinyl record. No better time, since you are heading into another wicked, wonderful, wild, white water rafting adventure. Just after midnight, at 00:14 AM, marks the intensification of that potent energy. You will be wondering who the hell is living in your body.

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