13 DEC 1


~ Against the snowy backdrop of the icy Northeast, you go looking for a patch of dry ground to gain some footing while the moon finishes up her duties and obligations. Tend to the mundane tasks at hand and put your house in order. With the Pluto-Uranus quake pre-shocks on the horizon (exact on the 15th ); you should be able to keep the wheels on the bus just fine: that is if you adapt to a few wildly changing weather conditions  (wink, wink). Hope you put your snow tires on. You just might need a little traction (understatement) to pull you out of a spin or two.

The Moon trines Pluto at noon and sweetly flows in the most positive manner to the Duo. Could be very interesting. You have the portable, nuclear power pack strapped to your back, so rest assured, you’ll get whatever you need accomplished. Power Plays are all around you but I bet you didn’t notice that you are probably applying emotional pressure to others as well, Yep……..*You Are in the Game* too; that is, unless you make a conscious effort to fold your cards and sit this round out. When Pluto is involved, it is cut throat Black Jack. Remember that the dealer always has the advantage and no one sitting at the table ever wins in the long run. Oh…….and One thing is for certain, try to be aware of it – if you are the one giving away your power, or if you are throwing it around. Never mind what the others are doing, there is much more to benefit from understanding what you are doing with yours. Your “I want what I want, and I want it now,” attitude will meet with its match and then raise you 10.

Your inner rebellious child takes a temper tantrum and leaves you in the precarious position of having to come to terms with letting go of, or buckling down to a limiting situation that you have held onto soooooooooooo tightly. You are not going to like either solution.  Changing the plan can cause a set of undesirable circumstances and so does adhering rigidly to your plan. What to do? What to do? Neither is ideal. Grrrrrrrr.

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