12 dec


~ If you have over-done Jupiter this week, you will certainly be paying the piper today…….that is; if you have walked on Jupiter’s downside of over-indulgences. Nevertheless, we are all standing at attention and saluting as the Moon marches into Virgo, at exactly 10:18 AM this morning. Yes Sir, No Sir – is your instant and immediate response to answering the call of duty from your internal commander-in-chief. He’s been briefed by your internal critic and now you are painstakingly going over every little detail searching for that dropped stitch. Editing is the job “de jour” and you’ll be editing everything from A through Z. Clean out the closets, the junk drawers and the fridge. Get into your closet; take those out-dated or ill-fitting clothes to the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army location. Go over the fine print and re-work that proposal. Tidy up your desk and finish off jobs left undone. Look for errors before submitting. You’ll reap the rewards of any job well done and the reward will be to do another with the same devotion. Get out that magnifying glass and inspect every cog in the wheel. Virgo is about efficiency and work methodologies. Look out for new ways to be more on top of your everyday routine. Where are you wasting time? Organize yourself better, set up your work area differently and eliminate time wasters. Japanese term for these activities is Kaizen which means continuous improvement.

Upsets today will throw off your digestive system. So watch what foods you eat. Your nerves could be frazzled adding to the discomfort. Take it easy on yourself. The *moon Virgo* and *Neptune in Pisces* get into a funk and for a while you might not have a clue where “in heaven or on earth *THAT*  came from… ” In a fog-like state you could find yourself standing there very confused. Careful, do not get taken in by a sob story or a con artist. The role of being the martyr is attractive when Neptune has rough aspects. Pass on it….and don’t pay much attention to those around you who “try and play you like a fiddle.” Whatever materializes will fade just as quickly as it appeared and be gone. You might not know what it was all about – just let it go; like water off a duck’s back.


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