~ Voila! We have our classic Jupiter-ruled day. Grab your rose colored glasses and get out that *feeling good all over* spray perfume. The sky is full of fire, the Moon and Jupiter are in Leo and the Sun is in Sagittarius. Enthusiasm and optimism are the default screens and the speed is set to turbo. Jupiter is your belief systems. Your faith, your hope, and your very own magical Pixie Dust. It is what carries you through the good times and the bad. Today, delivered via Fed Ex, arrives the holiday kick-off supply you ordered. Just the right amount, JIT (Just in Time) Delivery.

Now, recent days have been trying, twisting and turning and we have all pulled out our stash of “feel good stuff.” Careful not to go over-board. Jupiter’s favorite word is *Over* He loves to do just about everything that starts with Over. Over-emote, Over-spend Over-kill, Over-do, Over-eat, — you get it.  (you can add your own personal over-words) That is the down side of the jolly good guy. He likes to get righteous when he’s over-selling or over-compensating and his delivery is over-zealous. He’s excited and he wants everyone to share in the joy. He is the Santa of the Zodiac and plays his role relentlessly with vim and vigor.  That sums up the Ruler of Sagittarius.  After all, he has discovered through learning that there is a better way and its fun. He’s your faith and hope and he believes in a better and brighter future. He beckons you to ‘Never Look Back,’ and to focus on the unlimited adventures that lie ahead. Stand up for yourself and for “your others” ..give “your gifts” like Santa – your reward will be the smiles on the lips of those who receive them…..

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