10 Dec


~ The day starts off with the Moon in opposition to Mars adding an early morning fire to yesterday’s leftover ‘baggage dumping’ turmoil. Your tongue could be very sore from all the biting. Emotional impulsiveness needs harnessing and Emotional sensitivity is still high. Throw it all together and you have some potent fuel for possible spontaneous, internal combustion. Channel your inner poet, writer, actor or actress. Stage Right, Stage Left,  Step into the Center and into the spotlight. Put on your dancing shoes and find your voice. Express yourself. Your heart is skipping a few beats as the curtain opens.  The Leo moon opens Act I of Venus in Capricorn, and your Mountain Goat may be the very one who is waiting to hear those declarations of love as you tremble to steady yourself.

In Capricorn, Venus is more concerned with making it official. Love is all business, serious business, when the Lady is in Capricorn, She makes contracts. She looks at the fine print. She is around until the 3rd of January, so the 2014-2015 winter holidays will bring a few things that glisten. Sparkly rings that promise to ‘have and to hold’ will be tied up with a few of your favorite things. On bended knee, knights in shining armor promise to stand by their true loves, in good times and in bad. You know its solid. You share that everlasting bond, it is inescapable, it is the immovable object. *Rock Solid Love.* Venus here can be so business-like, that you might feel like she is taking all the fun and romance out it. She is looking for long-term commitment. She wants to make plans. There will be more than a few who “pop the question,” tie the knot and change their Facebook status.  Venus, for her short sojourn, is under the jurisdiction of Saturn, so any *misbehaving* will be seriously frowned upon. Saturn demands loyalty. All infractions will meet with Karmic retribution. Faithful is one of the cornerstones of Venus in Capricorn along with honesty, loyalty and ” living happily ever after.” Love needs to be practical, down-to-earth and common sense savvy while Venus is in Capricorn. All your close relationships will get a dose of reality and a sprinkling of consistency. She is looking ahead, interested in the future: she wants no part in “Playing Games.” There is no time for frivolous enterprise when Venus is in Capricorn.

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