~ All Aboard! Destination unknown? Not so sure? In your heart, most of you know where you are headed. The Question is: why are you dragging your feet? The light at the end of the tunnel is glaring. Jupiter has a magnifying glass on the clearing in the distance and you know it. Headed like a freight train with a head of steam on a fast track, there’s no turning back. Whether you are ready or not, the next meeting of the Uranus-Pluto Square is only a couple of weeks away. Pause for a minute……………………..give yourself permission to feel the excitement. Sometimes, when the cosmos is quiet, you can *feel* the vibration intensify. Are you feeling the fear and doing it anyway? Are you avoiding the inevitable? In the quiet solitude, you are more inclined to do some strategic planning.

The Sun in Sagittarius joins harmoniously with the nodes. Equal distance apart, it is said that “it is here” where we *balance our fate and evolve* (or play groundhogs day and get stuck in repeating cycles).  That is; if you can take the Best from your past and carry it forward into your future. Today, you have the support of the heavens to make that karmic leap.

You will have the support of the stars. Opportunities will open up and you’ll make karmic leaps and bounds. Its like a portal. No more teetering between the past and the future; say goodbye to your *either/or* mentality.  No need for the rejection of one over the other. The energy is there so you can now embrace *the gifts from the past* and incorporate them into your best possible future. The trick is always to take the best and ditch the rest.

For most of the day, the Moon is in Cancer.  You long for *home*, those signature comforts you need. Whatever you do today, choose the things that deliver your concept of home in the Style of You. Sing your carols in the key of U, and deck your halls with all the things that bring you peace. Later tonight at 10:14 PM EST; Luna, the Goddess of Emoting, will be looking to express herself in some way, shape or form. Creative expression is the domain of Leo so use it to create an expression of your ‘self.’ An offspring of your mind, body or spirit. You have the next two days to deliver this new and improved ‘self.’

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