8 Dec


~ The Pluto-Uranus Square is the headline this week and any Breaking News will have this Dynamic Duo at its heart ‘n soul. Change, change and more Change as the intense emotional landscape twists and turns. The Moon is in introspective Cancer all day. We go inside the walls of our thought attic and rummage around. relentlessly dissecting *Gemini’s Words*. Mercury in Sagittarius is the straight shooter and we feel the unquestionable honesty cut as he conjuncts in the heart of the Sun. Words…….what you say……what you write……….and what you read are all powerful now. Transform your *newly discovered* knowledge into useful action.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is the ways and means that you open the gate to that white picket fence which defines your own backyard. He stands still in preparation for his regularly scheduled retrograde period. Now Mercury, has given Retrograde periods a bad rap because the trickster runs through your daily comings and goings and causes havoc.  Well……….these others Big Guys do not subscribe to the Winged Messenger’s antics. Jupiter has his own Agenda.  The Gemini-Sagittarius full moon had you sifting through the facts, looking for truth, and assigning meaning to what you determine as your own truth. When Jupiter is traveling forward, we come face-to-face with the inherent hypocrisies in ourselves and others. This past month, we met quite a few. Once Jupiter is soon fully engaged in his backwards travel (in a couple days), you will turn inward to take a look at your integrity. Do you stand by what you say? Can people count on you? Do you deliver what you say?  Jupiter is how you expand, how you reach out and connect with others, how you grow yourself, your relationships, your business and your opportunities. Essentially it is your luck.

When the Jolly Planet of Optimism (the ruler of Sagittarius) is in Rx, making efforts to restore, connect and complete projects; it is when and where you meet with constructive opportunities. While Jupiter is in Rx, expect that the people who you have helped and the gardens which you have seeded and nurtured, will bloom. It is a great time to inject life into relationships and projects that are withering. It is when and where you can meet leprechauns or find the proverbial four-leaf clover.

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