7 dec


 ~ On this day that will live in infamy, please stop the mental chatter of Gemini for a moment of quiet silence and remember those who served their countries so we could live in freedom. At 12:34 pm EST we say g’bye to the twins and the mental warfare that they wage with each other inside our skulls.  We say hello to insecurity, vulnerability and sensitivity when the ‘Goddess of Emoting’ retreats into her shell under the sign of Cancer. It is a time to step back and step down. You’ll want out of the bright spotlight. Your thoughts and cares are now on what is near and dear; your home and your hearth. Comfort food and your security blankets (whatever they may be) are what you want.

After the intense light of the full moon yesterday, this morning………things are dimmed. Later, you’ll be having an internal tug of war between *what you should be feeling* and *what you are actually feeling.*  So before you give way to any internal criticism that you may be inclined to unload on yourself, stop…….and take the time to sort out the ones that are deserving of your time and your worry. Really and truly heed this advice because many things are simply not yours.  Ask yourself, “Is it worth getting your knickers in a twist over?”  You’ll need your wits about you later; so have plenty of stress relieving options available for yourself. During the day, someone may try to back up to your doorstep with a dump truck and eject their emotional baggage. Either way you’ll be feeling the pressure, some guilt and your emotions will triggered. Do you respond? Should you?

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