5 dec


 ~ Lights, Action, Camera. Mars in Aquarius is all revved up with Uranus electricity. Venus and Jupiter go for broke and turn the volume up full blast. These two are in the Over-Doing It Business, so you can expect *over*, to be a prefix in use to describe just about everyone’s actions. Over indulging tops the list in a variety of ways. Seeking comfort through food and drink is common place. Self discipline flies out the window and before you know it, you’ve gone to far.

Things are buzzing as the Sun – Uranus trine completes the picture with added eccentric and innovative energy. Mid afternoon the Mars square to Neptune is triggered and you might question your grip on reality or avoid facing it altogether. Best to Channel your Inner Magician. Wave your Magic Wand. Experiment – Mix up a Potion.  Take a chance and try something different. Break from Tradition. Today’s not your average Friday.  Emotional Mis-communication is a big theme as Hidden Agendas Pop. Eyes are wide open and this can cause more than a few upsets. Don’t forget to duck as Mis placed anger flies uncontrolled. The trick lies in how honest you can be, or want to be, with yourself and others. Check yourself often and Keep your motives pure. Remember the message. You’re teetering between Divine Inspiration and Devilish Discontent. The waxing Moon is ready to make her opposition to the Sun across the Gemini Sagittarius Axis. This lunation is about seeking truth within and without. In the Sign of Gemini we gather info; in Sagittarius we give it meaning.

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