4 Dec


 ~   A couple of more days til *full.* This month’s lunar event is Saturday, December 6th at 7:26 AM on the east coast. This full moon balances the energies of the Gemini-Sagittarius Axis.  Today, in preparation, the Taurus Moon squares off with Jupiter enlarging on all nurturing issues. Jupiter could care less what he enlarges. Whatever you are feeling, you are feeling it Big Time…. and that’s Okay. In the final hours leading up to full, it is not uncommon for people to get all wound up in their own feelings. Check in with your heart every few steps and you’ll never go wrong. This is the time to seek comfort and stay close to loved ones.

If you are seeking a solution or recognition, you’ve got the Sun making a glorious trine to Uranus Sheer Brilliance. Gold Bullion. Step outside-the-box and take a new approach. Play your music loud, march to the beat of a different drummer.  Harness the inventiveness and genius of Uranus and you can get yourself unstuck from yesterday’s muck. No holds barred. Step out from behind the curtain; come out of the shadows. Polish up the silver, get ready for the banquet.

At 3 minutes before 7:00 PM on the east coast, Mars is fully engaged in the sign of Aquarius. If you are looking to make an impact, do it in a group. It is your network, your friends, your family, your tribe. It is the Joe Cocker Aspect, you will succeed if you “try with a little help from my friends.” In Your love relationships, it is the Dionne Warwick / Burt Bacharach “That’s what friends are for Aspect.” …Keep Smiling: Keep Shining: Knowing You can count on me.

Got Dreams? Join with your tribe and make them happen. Mars will be in Aquarius until Jan 11, 2015 giving you ample time to reach the sky. Your friends in high places (Angels) are closer than ever when Mars is in Aquarius…

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