3 dec


~Does it feel like you’re in the middle of tornado, a hurricane or a cyclone? Are you trying to make sense out of the mayhem? Change has been brewing and lives are turned upside down and inside out. Walking that fine line between what was, and what IS versus what you would like it to be, is a jagged, severely distorted and challenging line. A new disjointed reality dawns. One that makes no sense. As the Moon slips into something very comfortable, you can kick back and ponder what all this could mean and ultimately where is it going…however save the brain power. Neptune is involved and the clarity you are seeking is illusive; it escapes as you try to define it. Tragedy strikes one family and life *seems* unfair. Accidents happen and you Ask “why me”? Some of you are being tossed, rather feels like thrown, into an alternative lifestyle, unconventional or seemingly ones that provide challenges. Lifestyle you did not sign up for… Almost as if some of you are in your infancy and you are making new foot prints while trying to steady yourself.

Artistic self expression continues to top the marquee and original works of art, offspring of the body, mind and spirit all leading to change up the hearth and home. Wow! How can all this good and greatness be happening as *hell freezes over?* One last time before Saturn pushes off into Sagittarius – is it freezing or boiling, hard to tell.

The Moon in Taurus are great days to launch anything you choose. The atmosphere favors beauty and art. If you stay the course, true to your heart, life showers you with gifts. Understanding comes at another time and space. Grab the Wing of an Angel, there’s no better place to be. Connect with *something bigger than yourself* and enjoy the rewards.

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