~ You have got yourself one highly motivated and productive day if you would like. Thank you very much…and while you are at it, sing a few love songs; the moon is embracing Venus, – while the Goddess of Love is active, you can expect to hear a few *beautiful words * come your way. Like Music to your ears, all communication flows effortlessly and has a cooperative and harmonious undertone.

All Business projects should proceed efficiently. Even if they do encounter some turbulence, you can count on making some measurable strides towards your vision. Groups and Networks are favorable for supporting and promoting projects and the like. The spotlight is on. If you are looking to gain support and be smiled upon in a golden light, the stars are with you. Jupiter is around, handing out his ‘happy pills’, making today a day of great expectations. Wild optimism, powers almost everything; there is simply a feel-good vibe most of the day.

After dark, the Agitated Aries Moon is twisting about with Saturn nursing a Chiron hangover so you might be struggling to make sense of the version of reality before you. A situation; is perplexing as you try to reconcile your feelings. You are a tad stressed. However, get out the sorting bins, put things in their proper place; sorting the heavy stuff from the fluff, gives you insight. Conclude just how aggravated you should be; or are gonna be, then move on. The mood passes rather quickly and steadily the moon moves towards Taurus seeking comfort…and this too, will be in the rear view mirror.

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