~ December start with a powerful line up of fire and air. You can thank Uranus and Pluto for setting off Fireworks, while watch the bombs bursting in air. You power towards the opposition on the 6th with the Moon full, in the sign of the twins, facing off against the Archer brings you closer to an emotional high tide at 7:27am EST The Tide is High and everything is boiling over, maxing out in the emoting department can create unnecessary increased tension. What ever axis the illumination take place across are the two areas of your life that stand off and stand out for a few days. There issues are highlighted in some way. Start to find equilibrium now before the pressure cooker explodes.

In Gemini, those double duty twins need to *silence the silence*. They travel always side by each, they fear being alone with themselves, their thoughts, their words. In Gemini the task is to integrate the two halves. To make sense between black and white, to find gray. The light and the dark, the good and the bad. This full moon finds resolution when you meet in the middle. Quiet the chatter, and allow what you need to be heard. The Sun in Sagittarius vs the Moon in Gemini. These two areas of life need emotional over hauling. The are Out of sync, Out to lunch and one neglected and forsaken for the other.

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