30 Nov


~ The energy can be pretty darn edgy, racing here and there, as it creates some necessary and some unnecessary tension while accelerating towards Aries.  Use the force to be productive. This Moon squares Mars and your heart is racing by mid-day.  You are not only motivated but raring to go forward.  If you have to lead a charge you will have the essential fighting spirit within you. However, being combative and donning your battle gear is not the right answer when your emotions are so super-charged.

Deception is at hand; not all things and all people are playing above board. A wise man once said there are three sides to a coin: heads, tails and the truth that is hidden. It is easy enough to get carried away while riding a hot air balloon, only to find out that most of it is HOT air. You must consciously push away from the polarity because both Mercury and Neptune are currently residing in spiritual signs. If you choose to get carried away, make sure that you take flight on the wings of an angel because that hot air balloon ride has no substance. Compassion and understanding are or can be a by-product of a ‘Mercury in Sagittarius’ martini with ‘Neptune in Pisces’ splashed in to create a challenging cocktail.

Venus, “The Goddess of Love, Luxury and All Things We Love,” sweetly embraces the Nodes reminding us all that it is a karma-clearing day. Our death grip on obsolete beliefs only muddies today’s clear, fresh, mountain-water stream. Relationships need fresh nourishment to grow. Merlin, in the Way of the Wizard, said “As long as I can forget you every day, then I will wake up to see you anew the day after. I will see the real you, stripped of outworn images.”

The Moon charges into Aries at 8:14PM so you are running on high octane. Proceed with caution as you begin your week. Wear a neon vest so others can see you coming. Make sure that you have your chill pills in your pocket due to the high levels of intensity which will be present. Visualize a traffic light turning yellow, imagine a police car is watching and apply your brakes accordingly.

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