29 nov


~ Valor is a powerful word: defined as great courage in the face of danger. Saturn in Sagittarius is moving within orbit. The Big Guys, like Saturn, have a larger orb of influence and can start to be felt as they near. Saturn comes out of the deep, dark waters of Scorpio on Dec 23. He surfaces and takes up his *cause & effect* crusade. He draws back his bow and you can now sense where he has been aiming. One theme that everyone can understand are the Holy Wars which infiltrate life across the planet. This cause and effect theme can manifest itself anywhere and everywhere. Fight your own personal Holy War by arming yourself with Sagittarius’s ‘Faith and Optimism’ to secure unwavering stubbornness and commitment as you seek that magic *forever and always* even in your darkest times.

Wherever Sagittarius is in your chart is where old structures have been torn down, decimated and no longer working. New solid, dependable foundations need to be established. That is the job of ‘Saturn in Sagittarius’ as he arrives on your property in his cement truck. It is time to move ahead in Mountain Goat Style. Surefooted.

In Sagittarius, be ready to lay the bricks needed to support the pillars of your belief system. Sagittarius is about your philosophy, your religion, your ideals and your beliefs. It is about faith, trust and Pixie dust, the hopefulness that enable you to go beyond the hardships and limits of Saturn. Its a faith in something that carries you through even the darkest days. It is that basis upon which can build your life. Ungrounded, without a foundation, they are merely castles in the sand, kingdoms in the air and they need roots. Saturn is that anchor: the cement. Saturn urges firm, unwavering dedication, commitment, loyalty and a willingness to stick to the plan. Be prepared to ground those dreams in the practical, everyday responsibilities a la Saturn-Style. Saturn is all business, bring it down to earth. Commit……….Learn…………Do!

You can anticipate possible marriage proposals, signing contracts, taking vows, etc.. in whatever area of your life is ruled by Sagittarius. It is time is to ‘pony up’ depending on where Sagittarius is located in your chart. You will be spending the next two and a half years laying this groundwork. Get ahead of Saturn, you know what he wants. Avoid risking a bad Humpty Dumpty fall, do not sit on the wall; start laying a foundation of brick.

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