28 Nov


~ Any unfinished business from yesterday leaves you feeling ill at ease.  A somber tone from too much of *what ever was dished out* yesterday lingers and you are all paying the price. Upsets, digestive ones, both literally and figuratively, have many of you reaching for that bottle of Alka Seltzer. By mid-day, it doesn’t get any better so it’s best to forget unnecessary details or concerns. You will be needing and looking for some time alone. Then you will be more than ready to Blast Off for parts unknown as it nears 5:00PM. That is when the moon fades into Neptune-Ruled Pisces and you are out of there. Looking for the escape hatch. delays and frustrations have taken their toll. You have had enough. Choose carefully and then make sure to close the door behind you.


Clear out what needs to be clear. Make your plans for the future. You see the big picture. Build your foundation. You have the insight and the far sight to know what you want. Mercury moved into Sagittarius and your thinking is becoming lighter and hopeful. You are optimistic. Sagittarius is about faith, hope and pixie dust and the Jupiter luck comes from the true belief that all things are possible. Mix it up with the Pisces Moon and you have got yourself the makings of a magical fairytale. Ground your dreams with a practical plan and bring it down to earth. If you can root a few of those good ideas into a concrete and quantifiable plan, you will have something you can grab onto and make permanent. You will have created a foundation upon which you can build.

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