~ And so the story is written, the Lovely Goddess Venus gets twisted up with Chiron and ends up feeling wounded. Saturn (a fixed immovable object) meets up with Pluto (the irresistible and inevitable force) once again. These two have been creating roadblocks and causing difficulties for quite some time now.  You have tried this on for size before. It looks like hell, feels worse and just does not fit. Period. Check back through time and space when these two guys have hovered over you and you will have a good idea of what you are dealing with. Then again, it’s right at the doorstep, so no need to check too far.  Stop trying to Move Mountains and just Move On. Have the faith and focus to know where you are going and leave the past behind. Keep your passions alive with your vision. Remember that you’re riding the wave of the Aquarian Moon so it may make sticking to a schedule almost impossible.

With Sun and Neptune influence, you must trust your gut feeling. You can’t go by what you see or hear, things are hidden. Later this evening when Mercury picks up the bow and arrow of Sagittarius, his aim is focused, looking at the Big Picture as he steadies his bow. What lies ahead is far more important than what is at your feet.

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