~ In the United States of America, it is the  busiest travel day of the year. It looks like today we will also see the busiest cosmic exchanges of the week. The morning begins with the Moon in Capricorn so the benefits derived as a result of “taking care of business” continue. By mid-afternoon, at 2:23PM, we have the pleasure of the Moon under the influence of Aquarius.

Venus in Sagittarius sweetly embraces Uranus in the early evening and you know what that means……….We have ourselves a day that has the signature of Uranus written all over it….and anything goes. Now this can prove to be downright entertaining, innovative or completely off the wall. Out of the blue, off the cuff, by the seat of your pants, all kinds of electrifying events which can be either annoying or exhilarating. If you are traveling, forget about being on time. However, do bring with you a sense of humor and you just might be highly entertained. Allow for plenty of time, that goes without saying, on this busy *going home for pumpkin pie day.* Factor in some last minute changes in all your plans. Best use it to give birth to new *brilliant* ideas. Grand solutions and pleasant loving surprises are on the agenda.  Uranus is, after all, that eccentric, creative genius, that’s if you can harness his spirit. Problems today will be solved with lightning quick spontaneity and unexplained synchronicity.

The Goddess of Love, Luxury and all things Beautiful travels today with Chiron and it will be intriguing to see what she packs and just how much baggage she brings with her to the table. The ‘Thanksgiving Table’ ; that is. Its all energy, neither good nor bad and any baggage brought to the table only has the power that you give to it. You define it.  Under the influence of Uranus, in the sign of Aquarius, you have the potential to embrace all of humanity as equals. Aquarius is the sign of Brotherly Love and that love extends to all without pride nor prejudice….or that inner, belligerent, rebel without a cause takes up a sword, jumps on his horse and sets out to avenge all the ills of the world. In the midst of this holiday, keep a Sagittarius, laser-like focus on the whole point of this “giving thanks” season and stand together united, in love.

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