nov 23 wp 1


~ Today has the makings of being an exciting day or, at the very least, you could receive some news that makes you smile. It is always nice to know who has your back and is in your corner. Today, a chance meeting or an *out there happening*  brings a new development to your doorstep. Never a dull moment! Your intuition is on high alert and you attract to your circumstances something or someone that could give you that ‘AHA’ moment. You should quite easily be able to connect the dots.

Don’t be surprised if your plans get changed, it will be that the kind of day. Listen to your feelings; your heart knows. That is, if you can shut down the negative committee that is meeting in your head. Adjourn the session. Put the brakes on. No good ever comes from it. It is a good idea to alter your routine. Do something different. Take a new direction. Spirits work in mysterious ways and the Universe has it’s “ways and means” of delivering just what you want, so keep your focus positive.

Chiron makes the headlines today signaling an event that restores wholeness and health. A Healing on some level. Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wounds that have been exposed while Chiron has been traveling backwards receive some comfort. Chiron stops, pivots, and turns direct. He’s been traveling in Rx motion for a few months now….and it has felt like someone was ripping off all your bandaids and leaving your wounds gaping open. Today, the Doctor makes a house call and delivers the time-honored panacea. YES.


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