Nov 22 wp 1


~ Hope your bags are packed and your passport is up-to-date. Hope you are ready to hit the road, both literally and figuratively. On Saturday, the Sun enters Sagittarius and you get to take a deep breath. Phew, Scorpio is not for the faint of heart…..Say Good Bye. This Scorpio solar month seemed harder than most and mainly because ‘Saturn in Scorpio’ is mopping up his two and a half-year stay. The load lightens a bit now and you get to embark on a new adventure. Choose your mode of transportation. Whether it is land, air or sea: Get Ready for It. Your Imagination will take you just about anywhere you want to go while the Sun is in Sagittarius. It is where the Magic lives……. Dare to Make it Happen? Yep, that is a question? Just Like Christmas, Hanukkah and all the rest of life’s celebrations; Some Has To Make It Happen. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter aka the Santa Claus of the Zodiac. Big-Hearted, Generous and Over the Top…..and Jupiter Loves to Celebrate. He makes a big deal out of everything. He Loves Life. So start packing and bring your faith, hope, and pixie dust.

In Scorpio, your focus was all inner, deep and dark stuff. In Sagittarius you want to reach out beyond: to things bigger and greater than ourselves. Your mind is as open as your heart. You can see the Big Picture. The downside is Over Doing it… Beware! However, today hosts the New Moon and this is one place that can use some Over Doing. Grab Your Dream. Infuse it with Life and Release it into the Universe. Neptune is in the mix today. Channel the Lady in a positive direction – dream. Give it your best Technicolor edit. Keep your focus on the big picture in true Sagittarius style and you won’t have to worry about Neptune (mis) leading you. Get your inspiration from On High rather than Artificially Induced and you’ll be fine. It is true you might not *know* everything or have all the facts but then again don’t Bet the Farm. Today’s a day for wishing and hoping; dreaming and believing. If you can stay the course, a new record-breaking avenue of creative resources will open up for you. After all; that is what makes Jupiter – Jupiter….

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