21 Nov


 ~ Time to say Bye-Bye. Today is the Sun’s last day in Scorpio. There is always a bit of a rush to mop up when a planet leaves a sign. Unfinished business demands your attention.  So – If you need to, have to, want to, deliver a message – today is the day. You have the confidence, courage and the willingness to put it into action. You can be direct and passionate. Get it out, Get rid of it and Be Done with it.  This is also a great day for planning ahead. Think strategic, tactical maneuvers. Skillfully think out your next moves. Get out the chess board and move the pawns, knights, kings and castles into position. Anticipating the next move pays off: so think ahead before you make your moves. “That which you can not think out, you must act out.” Be sure you are willing to pay the price.
Do you feel like Talking? Shouting? Verbal Expression is the theme when Mercury and Mars get together… Words and Actions are combined in a multitude of ways. Throw the Moon in and you have some powerful emotions stimulating your communications. This is a perfect time to brainstorm and discover solutions. Do you have a campaign to launch?  Get it into position.  Is your head filled with vivid images and brilliant thoughts? Shift your imagination into high gear and create. If your art involves words; your thoughts and ideas flow at lightning speed. Seeking advice is a common theme; whether you are the one seeking it or others are looking to you for answers. You have the advantage now, the universe is on your side. You gain greater meaning and perspective.

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