~ Sex, Drugs, Secrets, Taboos, Brooding, Suspicions and all things that lurk in the night; the ones that jump out at you and scare the devil out of you…pun intended. All these come into play when the Moon is in Scorpio. Don’t react too fast, you might not have all the facts. Things hide below the surface. For the Next two days, the Sun wraps up his sojourn in Scorpio with the Moon in tandem. Expect to uncover a few “gems.” You will be dealing with a double dose of Scorpio’s intense, determined, powerful, strong-willed, forceful, bold, courageous, enduring, competitive and resourceful energy as he “finishes up unfinished business.” He has 2 days to get everything done before he lightens up in Sagittarius.

Put all this intensity to good use. Scorpio gets a bad rap, mainly because his potent energies can get you “in deep” – “in dark and deep.” This is not comfortable energy and you will find many who back away when things get too up front and raw. Scorpio likes to “expose” eeeeeeeeeeek… Oh, and then there’s the sting “Ouch.”

P.S. No one escapes.

We all have Scorpio somewhere and the trick, as is with all astrological energy, is to find the right application. What he wants is for you to feel everything and not anesthetize yourself to life, love and all that is meaningful. He is trying to get your attention. Getting to the bottom of things and figuring it all out is great if you are a research scientist or an investigator and that is your paid profession. Careful though, if you are dabbling. Stirring the Pot, as in Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble….things can get dicey, for the giver and the receiver. It can all come back in your face or bite you from behind. You know that!

The Sun ticks off Pluto in a little showdown and you can put some harsh expectations on yourself and others. Back off! You do not have to turn the energy on yourself either. When Uranus adds his two cents, you’ll want to take action. Others “in your circle” are going against the grain, weaving webs, at cross purposes, for none other reason than misdirected “Scorpio” energy and you are going to want to step in and call them out.

Watch Out, if you are being vindictive or resentful, there are repercussions here. Karmic undertones are in play. You are not going to like the price tag.

Tap into the subtle energy that Neptune brings today. Ride the wave and let the flow carry you along. Play Music and let the Arts Inspire your Creativity. Tapping into your psychic abilities now is easier, because they are on heightened alert. Avoid unhealthy escape routes – you are susceptible to drugs, alcohol and other addictions. Over-eating, retail therapy and indulging carries a price that adds to your ills.

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