Come Hell & High Water – 

Before you say Good Bye to Saturn in Scorpio…

Phew, Scorpio is not for the faint of heart…..and this Scorpio Solar month seemed harder than most. Mainly because Saturn in Scorpio is mopping up his two and half year stay. He is pushing all of us to cram for *the finals.* But before he goes, lets review.

Saturn in Scorpio’s purpose is to teach self-sacrifice. What are you willing to give up for the benefit of the whole. (the whole partnership, the whole family, the whole group, the whole tribe, etc… you get it) The challenges between the “dark side & the light” are within, and become internal struggles with Scorpio undertones. The lower or dark side chooses selfish personal desires, underhanded methods and secretive interactions to lure victims. It is on the dark side that she partners *for total ego supremacy*. She captures her victims and keeps them captive in seclusion. It’s never good. It’s her own self serving agenda without any concern for the rest. The lighter side, stands in a brilliant light, remains loyal, unwavering in her commitment, always ready and willing to give priority to supporting others in their creative self expression. Scorpio energy is concerned about keeping things in tact…Whole. Willing to Merge. Willing to sacrifice  for mutual benefit. It is here she gives whole heartedly of herself. The Scorpio lesson teaches the value of merging with another to create an entity, greater than the sum of their parts, while remaining a separate individual. That is intimacy, that is creation. Scorpio embraces the epitome of Never Ending Love. Its about loving to the End of Time.

In October 2012, Saturn entered Scorpio and the Gates of Hell opened. He has been presenting you with challenges ever since. No Stop- Trials and Tribulations. He gave you two and half year to put your priorities back in order….and at times he’s had to use harsh realities to wake you up. Now, Before he moves on – he is asking for your commitment to those priorities. Who are the folks that you will take to the finish line. You are laying the ground work now for the next 30 years. Saturn slips into Sagittarius December 23, 2014 however you get a bit of a bonus. He comes back in 2015 from June 16 – September 19, Just in case you need another jolt to get things in order.

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