wp nov 18

Tuesday November 18, 2014

 ~ Well folks, this is it! You may find yourself at odds with those around you or with your life situation regarding issues of great sensitivity — very personal. You may have to work through difficulties, blocks and all kinds of hot spots. The Sun in Scorpio is taking you to task. Moon, Pluto and Uranus are all adding intensity by jumping on the bandwagon. Have you been working really hard, trying to get ahead without concern for your personal relationships? Typically when these guys meet up; *heads roll.* Its a discouraging time when around every corner, you smack into a brick wall. The roadblocks and the obstacles do have a purpose. Saturn, for one, wants you to slow down, he’s not fond of short cuts. Saturn rewards you for paying your dues, and for your dedication and commitment to your responsibilities and obligations. Yep, with all due respect… that is his concern. Now don’t get me wrong; work and ambition are normally the father of Karma’s domain, and they still are but with a twist. In the sign of Scorpio, he’s been asking if you have been paying your respects, accepting your responsibilities and honoring your close personal relationships by giving them their rightful due.

Now is no time for wallowing in self pity. Buck Up! Saturn is *all business* and when he’s in Scorpio; his business is about *how you merge* with others and *what you owe others*. For the last two years in Scorpio, he’s been asking you to put your money where your mouth is. Are you stepping up to the plate? Saturn wants you to stop and answer the question, *Who* are you are working for….*Who* do you owe….

Dig out and Ditch any deep resentments that you might be harboring. That is Saturn in Scorpio showing the shadow side. You’ll want to avoid going down a deep dark rabbit hole. Saturn wants you to accept your responsibilities, cultivate maturity with a willingness to trust and be devoted in all your close partnerships. Release your fears of commitment. Do the the right thing. Honor tradition. Accept your role.

The Pluto and Moon combo can sometimes bring endings, crises, or some other transformative events. The shadow side can find you beating a dead horse, wasting your time with energies on obsessions. Others can be holding you at arms length, it could be a maelstrom of manipulation, jealousy and power struggles. However, you must let it go and rise above. Take the high road.

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