Monday November 17, 2014

A ‘Void of Course’ Moon starts off the day at 6:12 AM EST, making the last contact with Saturn in a harmonious, “designed for work” sextile aspect. Making this a morning to finish up loose ends powered by Saturn discipline. Taking care of the matters at hand. The Moon is entering the last lunar phase, its a time to consolidate. Get your act together, tie everything up in a bright colored bow and be done with it. Take the time now to weed out anything you want to leave behind. On the 22nd, you get a fresh new start, a new beginning as Luna begins her phase *New* terms and conditions. If you need downtime, take it this week. Then be ready to Let that arrow fly when the Archer calls.
Today offers a general good feeling. You will feel a sense of support and harmony making this a happy time to enjoy your loved ones. You have the feeling you know what you want – heart and mind are in harmony and you have either resolved or reconciled some of the inner conflicts. Your gut instincts tend to serve you well now, as they are not undermined by fears or insecurities. Conflicts get resolved, wounds are healed and improvements are made in the home and domestic sphere as well as in the work place. This is a *you have to make it happen* transit. Don’t expect favors to fall into your lap. Doors are open but you have to walk through. If you can’t see or feel the results of your hard work, fear not, you will see real benefits when time takes you further into your future.

The Moon moves into the Venus ruled sign of Relationships aka Libra. Harmony and Beauty is what you are seeking now!!!! Your closest intimate relationships are the focus for the next few days, as is seeking harmony with those you love. You are in the mood to please.  Cooperating and meeting others half way is your Modus Operandi (MO). The conflict and turmoil comes from trying to balance your emotions and to even things out. Weighing the pros and cons of any situation becomes exhausting so consequentially, making decisions are painful. You are now in *Prime People Pleasing* mode and if you are not careful, it can take a toll on *You*. …another downside *in trying to please everyone* is you risk coming across insincere. All your fair minded idealistic attempts at peacemaking can fall apart pretty darn fast. The lesson here is not to compromise your values or be insincere to gain approval….and remember the old adage you can’t please everyone, but you can p%$$ off everyone.

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