Nov 16 Signature

 Sunday November 16, 2014

~Today’s a busy day in the heavens. Neptune turns direct so expect some overt expressions of idealism, compassion, imagination and spirituality. You could even hear about a few *out of this world*  thoughts and ideas. Neptune has been retro for 5 months, ready now to bring some pretty spectacular events down to earth and into concrete reality. Unbelievable Realities manifest and could leave you shaking your head in amazement or disbelief.

An early morning tension aspect between the Virgo Moon and Uranus in Aries – and you may decide to change your plans quite suddenly or something happens in your environment to change them for you. A deep or in-depth conversation can lead you to *look* in a different direction. Forcing you to change your tune or change your perspective. This could be a day you have to face some tough situations or deal with unexpected information you receive. Adjustments might be necessary and re-scheduling or juggling could be on the agenda.
Now for the news many await. Venus enters Sagittarius. Hip Hip Hurrah. Say good bye to Venus in Scorpio. Many of you can’t take much more of the Goddess of Love in Scorpio with her raw intensity. Today the heaviness lifts as she gallops into Sagittarius. In Scorpio you discovered what is meaningful to your heart. She stripped away all that was superficial, brought you face to face with *what really matters.* As the cycle continues you are ready for the next adventure, you have everything you need. .. to ride off for parts unknown with Jupiter and his three amigos – faith, hope and pixie dust at your side.  It is in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius that you are urged to go beyond *small minded* thinking. Prejudices are eradicated through knowledge. Take the *wisdom*, your learned experiences and go out into the world. Seek out your spiritual guides, your mentors, your life coach or your religious leaders. Channel your *Inner Sage.* Reach out to any of the wise men and the wise women in your circle for advice and counsel regarding personal, emotional issues and affairs of the heart. Your close personal relationships take on a *best friend quality* – understanding and meaning are gained through shared experiences, exploring the truth, and philosophizing the meaning and purpose behind the movements…… you grow. When Venus is in Sagittarius its easy for you to see the bright side. Optimism for a brighter future is yours. You are ready to change your outlook, to transform the knowledge gained into action. Sagittarius energy embraces diversity and variety. She is less inclined to be threatened by differences. Venus in Sagittarius sees 360 degrees. Sagittarius vision is broad, your mind is open and so is your heart.  It’s a great time to work out differences, see all sides and move beyond. Make sure your passport for Love is up-to-date, you’ll be traveling to parts unknown.


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