Nov 15 Signature

 Saturday  November 15, 2014

The Moon in Virgo kicks off the weekend with some out of this world divine inspiration.  Now this could be served as a very interesting cosmic cocktail. Perhaps even literally. That is “if”  Neptune is showing her *not so light* side. Now, the Virgo energy gives you that needed boost to get all your necessary routine hum drum tasks completed.  That is after all one of Her specialties. You’ll want everything in its place and a place for everything….and if it is not, you will be seriously annoyed. Hopefully, Neptune will take the edge off and calm your frazzled nerves. Escape from the pressures of the week by “making order out of chaos”. Mindless, tedious tasks will give you great pleasure, while the Moon is in Virgo. Ticking things off that to do list puts a big smile on your face. You just might catch yourself admiring a long list of things *checked DONE*and feeling accomplished. You’re concerned with the practical side of your little corner of the world and making it run more efficiency will be top priority for you.

Minutes before high noon Neptune creeps in and has a show down with the Moon. Now this is where the combo of Neptune and Virgo can get strange and confusing or crestive solutions inspired. Neptune wants to escape the mundane- She has  no  interest in the earthly delights of Virgo. Routine is not in her wheel house and neither is paying attention to details. It’s hard to even tell if her feet hit the ground. Her head is definitely in the clouds. Things get vague, unreliable albeit creative and inspired…..oh and did I mention that you’ll refuse to see anything that do not want to see. So it’s not a good time to make decisions. Now these connections don’t bring earth shattering events. But you can get swept away in a hopelessly romantic cloud of Netflix chick flicks or Sci-fi reruns – the lines blur;  where you stop and others start becomes questionable, you are just not sure. Channel your divine discontent into a creative and heavenly inspired project. Write, Sing, Dance or Spend the afternoon at the Art Museum. Show your compassion by reaching out to loved ones, perform random acts of kindness. Commune with nature. Bring those Neptune thoughts and ideas down to Virgos earth. Take care and caution with all kinds of Spirits, the liquid kind,  and other questionable beings can cause you concern. Discernment is needed.

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