Nov 14 Take 3 Signature

Friday November 14, 2014

If you have a pretty generous to do list for this last day of the work week, you best start your day before dawn. Take advantage of the Moon Jupiter Combo. Mid morning The Goddess of Emoting starts looking for support and runs into a few roadblocks and obstacles. You can get frustrated pretty fast. You’re not making the progress that you want, delays or roadblock are slowing you down and you are being really hard on yourself. Cut it Out.
Any problems now are a result of feelings that you have ignored, so they are surfacing now and need your attention. Take care of business and the business of the day is  your emotions, when the Moon and Saturn hook up.  You’ve tried to ignore them, which may explain why you are so damned sensitive to their reappearance of late.. Saturn is about nit-picking perfectionism and he can be relentless, temper his influence with a healthy dose of confidence, self-esteem  and the music of your choice  blasting and you have the antidote. That’s the medicine. Do what Saturn ask and move on. The Scorpio influences are deep, dark and watery. Emotional control or lack thereof are  always an issue when these guys are around. What you repress persist. Guard against the need to defend. Use the energy to free yourself from the heavy load that weighs you down. Reach for the party side of the Leo Moon and lighten up. You are needing a place to take center stage, so find one that will produce a positive, fun atmosphere. When the Moon is in Leo you will want to show your feelings – expressing yourself is what comes with  Leo’s territory. Consciously choose your audience and express what you are cheering for, *who and what* is royal in your Kingdom. Declare your Loyalty with Pomp and Circumstance.

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