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Thursday November 13, 2014

In the current Eye of the Tornado lies a very potent seed of Creativity. Something is brewing. The Moon is still in the generous and enthusiastic sign of Leo and receives some stressful aspects from Uranus in Aries – you could get thrown off course. Take a few steps back, count to ten, or twenty or one hundred…if need be. Channel your Inner Artist and stay the course. The tension involves *letting go of* and saying *buh bye* to the power plays in your arena. Now, just when you think you’ve learned the rules to the game, they change the game. Pluto throws one at you, a line drive right at your head, and you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Some how you can’t slide by without making some adjustments. The choices are not pretty “You get sucked in”. You are not happy walking away and you are not happy responding. You can either beat yourself up or let someone else do it. Not ideal choices. Additionally Neptune throws up a smoke screen or does she rip one down? She is preparing to station direct and her angles with Mars and Chiron can create some difficult astrology while stirring up some karmic events if you don’t keep your wits about you. Obsessions, jealousy, emotional and physical addictions can all surface and *demand* your attention. Substance abuse and escapism can go a bit too far. Neptune wants You to Change your Reality so that Your Dreams can Come True. Choose wisely *the actions*  you take to Change That Reality.
Moon in Leo gives you plenty of energy and enthusiasm to *take action* or respond and there are plenty of drama queens and kings ready to declare and decree what is *Right and Just in their Kingdom*. Leo likes to be in Control. Things can quickly escalate when Uranus throws gasoline on the fire. Now, if Leo’s Ego get bruised remember to take cover; block your ears the roar will be deafening.

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