Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Lady aka Venus, Goddess of all that you Love has a meeting today with Saturn. Now this can materialize in a variety of ways. Relationships can have their Day in the Sun, either being Hung Out to Dry or Basking in Delight wrapped in Golden Rays, either way, it’s got that *taking care of business attitude* written all over it and some things are solidified. The concrete truck has its tumbler twirling, ready to dump its contents. Saturn likes to make things permanent….and today he puts a period at the end of a sentence, and calls it a day, that is, after he hangs a low-lying cloud over your head. Remember the Lady rules *all things of value to us* that includes the collection of attitudes and attributes that give our life value. Love, talent, skills, all the things we do to attract things of value into our lives. Think earned income. All the things that represent self-esteem and self worth. How do you feel in this area? Are you *Saturn Solid*? Do you need to nail down a few things concerning resources or how you earn your living?  Practice positive affirmations, meditation or visualizations for *cementing* any long-term goals. Making a do-able plan based on reality will increase your self- esteem. You are focused now, so take advantage. Face your Fears. Any past connections, people, places or events that show up now, literally or figuratively are just that…. in the past.  Free the energy and Karma by releasing the hold they have over you. Leave them in the past. Take advantage of your common sense and logic. Cut the ties that bind.
The Moon enters the warm, creative and entertaining energy of Leo at 1:44 pm EST. This Moon almost always brings a cheery vibe, making it difficult to keep you down for long. Your Inner Child Within is never far away when the moon is in Leo. So leave the day open for a creative trip to *where ever* his or her favorite playground is… They will want to bask in sunshine, compete in sports, or simply cheer their favorite team on. Rah Rah for the home team gang. Leo energy wants to be Proud, that is what they do best, so give your Inner Child something to be proud of, take center stage, create and accomplish.

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