november 11, 2014

Tuesday  November 11, 2014

The cosmic gang, with the Moon in Cancer leading the pack, offers you a comforting security blanket today. It by no means *erases yesterday*, no amount of write out will cover up or eradicate what has been written, you still have to deal with it, however today *the edge* is taken off. What ever *fell into your lap* challenges you to come up with new ways of moving forward. No doubt you’ll be challenged on a few sensitive issue. “Ouch”, Don’t bite. Mars is looking for a fight. Old emotions buried under the gooey gunk can rise up and come back to haunt you. Could be someone is taunting you or the current events of the day are touching an emotional chord within stirring painful emotions. Avoid confrontations, and if you are *talking it* out speak honest from the heart and don’t play mind games. Be conscious of what you are feeling while you are communicating. (Communications in any form). Communication is 93% non verbal, the interactions (the bond) takes place on the psychic level, you sense what is being said and when the words don’t match the feelings behind it ….you know it and so do they. Research shows that it is difficult to lie to a deaf person because they are so in tune to the psychic level of communication. They *feel* what is being said. We all do this. That is precisely why people can say the exact same words, but you feel them differently. You are picking up the emotion behind the words.

If a crisis is happening around you or in your environment, it is an “Opportunity” for release. Your subconscious desires a crisis situation in order to be free. By all means, Pluto is in the house so  *Do Not* under any circumstances, use underhanded, manipulative or vindictive methods. Act with integrity and be above-board. Pluto energy turns back on the manipulator, in boomerang fashion.”Watch Out”, The Green Eyed Monster appears and the talons come out. Just step back from their grasp. Your Super Power when Pluto is bearing down on you, is the ability to control your power. Exercise it. Don’t allow it to be used against you. The others’ who are tossing their weight around will get their. Just make sure you are not one of them.

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