November 10, 2014

Monday November 10, 2014

Storm Warnings are in effect all this week. We have some potentially wicked turbulence moving in this week. Mars meets up with Pluto who has been, and still is, traveling with Uranus. You know, Mars, the God of War, he’s looking for a fight. Yep, The heads up comes so you can prepare and alleviate some of the pitfalls. He’s about to challenge Pluto, the God of Birth, Death and all Other Life Changing Events. Definitely not one of his best ideas. Things can get violent, out of control and come unexpectedly. This can all unfold around you, within you, behind your back or in your immediate environment, your neighborhood, the community or on a very personal level. Best to think twice, perhaps three times before you rush to judgement or take any impulsive action. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in Scorpio adds to the intensity. Extremes are experienced….and you can be sure there is more than what meets the eye. You can bet there will be Hidden Agenda’s, Power play’s and whole lot of manipulation going on. Throw in jealousy and resentment and you have yourself a real witches brew. The takeaway here is to channel the intense passionate energy into positive constructive goals avoiding the dark side… If you can do this, great success comes.

The Moon enters Cancer at 3:37 am EST this morning and you’ll want to retreat. It’s a perfect day to grab your security blanket, make some chicken soup and stay safely within the confines of all the things that are familiar to you. Home and all the things that make you feel safe and secure are on your mind. Involve yourself in something you love. You might want to get lost in an imaginative project or take a trip down memory lane. You are ready to pour your heart and soul into whatever you are doing. Whatever you choose to do while the moon is in Cancer, you are *feeling it*. Keeping the *water* levels steady takes some serious skills. Focus on *Your Beacon of Light*.

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