Nov 9, 2014

Sunday  November 9, 2014

Enjoy the day. The Goddess of *All Things that You Love* and *What You Are Willing to Do* for Love, is in the Spotlight today. She puts on her Best and She Can *Put it On* especially when she hooks up with Jupiter. Jupiter LOVES to expand and enlarge EVERYTHING. Now that usually spells out *over the top* activity subsequently leading to *over doing*. Play with the words! Many of you will find that you’re *over doing it* in the lovin and luxury department, which it not always a good deal. Bending over backwards falls into this category as well as over compensating for lack. Can you say Moderation? Use it! You know where the line is, however today might be one of those days where you choose not to pay attention. Nonetheless its an Emotionally Upbeat Day,Yay! Opportunities may fall into your lap, or ideas on *how to* expand beyond the confines of your current limitation – the window opens today and offers you a fortunate few hours. Explore your possibilities.

Dinner time on the East Coast serves up the *need to* make adjustments or atone for the excesses of the day. Your emotions are held *at point blank* range by a rather difficult challenge from Saturn. No clear cut answers are available. Now perhaps nothing major happens externally but you will definitely meet with obstacles if you’re trying to force matters. You are likely to meet with some serious No’s – a general feeling of a wet blanket being thrown over your good mood is a real downer. It’s not so much that something is wrong, it is just that Saturn smacks you with a reality check and brings *you back* down to earth after so much Jupiter. Saturn brings a brief period of worrying about *what looms ahead* and gives you a chill. Let it go. Shake it off. Over the next few weeks, Saturn finishes up his tour of duty in Scorpio; many things will find their final resting place.

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