November 8, 2014

Saturday  November 8, 2014

So what do we have here? Ya gotta love the path the Moon travels today, first off she rises early, challenging Neptune. Your emotions are, might be, can be, confusing. You are operating *Under the Influence* of idealism, or something rather elusive, you’re plagued by illusions or *unexplained poisons* in various forms*. Confused? Yep! Oh watch what you eat and drink. The results can be unpleasant. By mid after noon, Mars has you going this way and then that way. Consistency is harder than it looks. Direct your actions into creative efforts if you are looking for a sense of accomplishment. Just before dinnertime, The Goddess has a show-down with Pluto. Power & Drama. Well Played Moon/ Pluto, Well Played, a brilliant performance providing the perfect opening act for Mercury’s entry into Scorpio. Mercury joins Venus in Scorpio at 5:30 pm EST … Just in case you needed a little more intensity in your life. Mercury has a job or two to finish up as he completes the Shadow phase of his retrograde period. You can go back to the last days of September or the beginning of October for some clues. Some *thing* comes back to upset your apple cart. You might receive a gentle or *not so gentle* reminder of something you’d rather not concern yourself with…. either way you’ll be dealing with some painful *repeated once again * interaction. Remember Mercury in Scorpio fast tracks via main lining urgent, direct and raw info. The Winged Messenger gets gritty. Take notice and recognize *evil ways* yours and others…dismiss them expeditiously. On the Wings of Uranus’ freedom to flight, you get to express yourself, breaking bad habits and elevating yourself up the ladder of success. You are offered a *get out of jail* free card* use it to free yourself and others. Relationships, including the one you have with yourself will survive, that is *if* the ego turns the volume down, and you turn off the dark.

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