Nov 6

Thursday, November 6, 2014

In this corner we have the Moon in Taurus seeking the safety, and the security of the emotional fulfillment she desperately needs versus the brilliant Sun in Scorpio’s who’s’ MO is to excavate below and bring up to the surface all that is secret, raw and hidden. At 5:23 PM EST in the sign of Taurus – The Goddess is Full. She is ripe. The task is to achieve equilibrium and balance. Find the Anchor Inside You. Your Rock Solid Personal Gibraltar Within and then you’re Golden – you can have it all, the safely the security and freedom love brings.

Bring into the Light all that is holding you back, or what ever, you are holding in. Open the Heart, Dust off the Cob Webs, Drag the skeletons *out of the closet* put your favorite tunes on the iPod and teach *them old bones* a new dance. Teach them to Tango, or Cha Cha or maybe a Two Step. A Soft Shoe is just fine or Jitter Bug as you rock around the clock. What ever music plays, be it a slow romantic love song or heavy metal ear drum deafening blast, its time for you, to become the dance instructor, and re-vise the choreography. Saturn is on the scene and he demands discipline, no short cuts, no quick fixes. He wants lasting results….the gig is up, so get to work. Nose to the grindstone.

Inspired by Neptune you are given the grace and compassion to get the job done. Handling very personal and emotional issues flow with ease once you remove all judgmental attitudes. You are ready and with the Suns razor sharpness and Pluto’s ability to reach deep you have the power to start and follow through. Kick the bad habits, anything that requires willpower will net victorious now. You have what it makes to get to the finish line and bring your loved ones with you. What ever this moon call you to attend to – it will be some sort of transformation, start changing the tune now to be more in sync with what is good for your soul….

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