nov 1

 Sunday November  2, 2014

As the Clock Rolls Back, Sigh and embrace the hours of darkness that lie ahead….. With Sun and Venus both still rolling *in the deep dark waters of Scorpio* your task is to continue purging….purging….purging. It’s a time for letting go. Say good-bye to ego. You have a powerful Moon Pluto combination supporting your emotions. Keep steady. You now can understand your inner drive and needs. What is essential to your core. This is a time to grow, to embrace your personal philosophies and take care of your inner needs. Events that are unfolding have a karmic signature written all over them, you’ll get a good sense which ones they are….*Connections* are significant. This can be an especially rewarding time with Family, Friends and Loved Ones. Those *other’s* that mean the most to you. We are talking about *the air* you breathe, your heart and soul. What is necessary to sustain life. The energies of Scorpio and Pluto reduce all matters of love and ego to that which is essential. it is about who you are at the core. The raw needs when all else is stripped of airs and pretense.

The opportunity is there, but you must answer the call. Integrating the things you need vs accepting the reality of your circumstances require some fancy footwork. Your heart is speaking, listen. This is the perfect time for making the necessary changes in your *home* and domestic environment. What supports your security. Changes are taking place within. Nothing of value is ever lost during a Pluto transit. Let what comes out, be reflective of what is internal.

Thinking outside the box will result in creative solutions. Stepping away from the traditional modes, give-up the *way things are supposed to be* attitude and take a chance, is exactly what the major astrological theme of this year has been. You have everything you need, don’t overlook valuable opportunities because they don’t look like *you think they should*. Here’s your chance to have compassion and understand for those in your life. Express yourself in a genuine manner…funny (in a not so ha ha ha way) that we only think of *Speaking our truth and being genuine when anger takes hold*, perhaps that can be balanced with *Speaking your truth and being true when love rises up* Today for a few hours your heart and mind are in harmony, its easy for you to express your loving emotions. For those who live where we turn the clocks back….Use your *extra* hour to connect with your heart center and make the changes in your home to validate that reflection. No worries, the love you give, always returns to the source from where it came, it is never lost. Remember that … there is a season for every purpose under heaven. Trust your gut feelings to cut through the emotional red tape..

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